April 14th, 2005



Oh my God!

An envelope just came through the door from none other than orionnebula, and what did it contain? Straight from the Meet Veronica Mars celebration she was lucky enough to attend last week, it was a fantastic Veronica Mars "Get a Clue" sticker - and a SIGNED PHOTO OF THE CAST!!!

Thank you so, so, so much - it was a wonderfully nice thing to do and an absolutely amazing surprise. And it arrived just as I was starting to watch this week's episode! Ooooh, I absolutely love this show - and its delightful fans.
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Go Pirates!
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dance motherfucker dance

Okay, squeeeeing over (for now). My lovely presents will have to console me for the fact that I am missing a friend's birthday drinks tonight because I have to go (alone, because no one will go to it with me, understandably) to a modern dance performance out in the burbs for work. And I have to go to a godawful sounding play on Saturday, so I may not be able to socialise as planned with barsine and her beau. My life is so cruel! As a highly amused Patsington said this morning, "yes, it's like the third world, with your social life being impinged by the modern dance shows you're being paid to go to." I can't really complain, can I? No, I can't.

I can, however, complain about the bunch of inarticulate bigots I've just heard on Radio 4 boasting that they're voting Tory mostly because "they'll stop immigration, won't they?" Charming. Michael Howard definitely seems to be going for the old Enoch Powell voters....
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