May 10th, 2005

auntie mame, glamour

A (TRUE!) Tale of Two Kitties

Once upon a time there was a kitten called Bubbles. Bubbles was jolly and nimble and good hearted.And so when his next door neighbour was asked to call in and feed him and dandle him on her knee while his owners were away, she instantly agreed. Just look at that cute little face!
Collapse )
But Bubbles's life was not all fun and games. For there was an evil feline enchantress living next door, a cat called Princess Arjumand whose purely evil nature was visible in every feature. Collapse )
When the evil Princess Arjumand heard that Bubbles was receiving attention and affection that should have belonged to her, she couldn't bear it. And so she decided to attack. The next day, Bubbles's temporary carer went in to give him his breakfast. He'd made a hearty meal, and she was just about to let him out the front door, when she heard a hideous sound. A hideous, whiney, waily sound. And when she looked out into the porch she saw that the evil Princess was besieging the house!
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As you can imagine, the tiny Bubbles was most alarmed. Collapse )
And eventually, he bowed his head in submission to his new ruler.Collapse )
But! This story has a happy ending, as the caretaker and Bubbles realised that the enchantress was so stout she'd never get round to the back of the house before them. And so they went out to the back garden and Bubbles scampered over the roof tops, leaving the evil Princess Arjumand roaring in frustrated rage.