May 15th, 2005

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By popular demand (well, a couple of people asked me to do it): the books meme!

1) Total number of books owned?
Oh God, I don't know. Well over a thousand, anyway. There are so many books in our house that they are piled on top of the piano. And there are still about 30 boxes of books belonging to me in my parents' attic, that have been stored there ever since I moved into my current house.

2) The last book I bought?
I got an Amazon parcel during the week containing Gayla Trail's You Grow Girl - it's the Stitch n Bitch of gardening, basically. The parcel also contained two books by Elizabeth Peters, my new guilty pleasure. She's an Egyptologist who writes very entertaining and funny mystery novels set among the archaeological excavations in 19th century Egypt, and they make for absolutely compulsive reading - you can't read just one, you've got to read them all. Over the last few weeks I've read the first four - luckily, she's been writing since the '70s so there are a lot of books left to read...

3) The last book I read?
As well as The Lion in the Valley by the aforementioned Ms Peters, I've been reading Uncle Fred in the Spring Time by P. G. Wodehouse, which like all vintage Wodehouse is both beautifully written and absolutely and utterly hilarious - it's the one where someone is told to steal that glorious pig Empress of Blandings, and refuses because he was once bitten by a pig. Uncle Fred, aka the Earl of Ickenham, tells him, "but you can't be bitten by the Empress. She's as gentle as a lamb". To which the would-be thief simply replies "I was once bitten by a lamb", leaving Uncle Fred to wonder if there are animals who this unfortunate man hasn't been bitten by. I love the Uncle Fred books.

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5) Tag five people and have them fill this out on their journals.

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