June 13th, 2005

buffy becoming


I have more to post about, including the visit of the lovely angiv, but for now, here's a GIP - my favourite Buffy moment ever, with screencap courtesy of the fabulous glitterboy1, and visual enhancements courtesy of GIMP (which was recommended by the aforementioned glitterboy1, and which has allowed me to make half-decent icons at last, so this icon-making all thanks to him, really). And in comments, I'm going to post the rest of my new icons, so this is a multiple GIP! The madness! And my ability to have any more icons at all is all thanks to the LJ Fairy....
fat pony like thunder

bullet point - well, star point - entry

*angiv is here! And she is great. I have been badgering her with questions about Orkney and Orcadian life in general, and she has been putting up with me very well. It's been a fun weekend, but she is off exploring on her own today, so I hope she has a nice time.

*I love the new Sleater Kinney album. I also love the new Saint Etienne album. However, I feel as if I am out of the new music loop these days. My two most recent purchases are both by bands I've loved for years. I've been besotted by Saint Etienne since 1992, for heaven's sake (and am actually a card-carrying member of their fan club. Seriously! You get a shiny card! It's the coolest thing ever)! Why am I not seeking out exciting new bands at the moment? I am officially getting old.

*I am an icon-making machine. GIMP rules! Although as you may have noticed, all my new icons are rather similar in basic design. I need to experiment a bit more.

*Yesterday angiv and I browsed the book stalls in Temple Bar and I found an entire shelf of P. G. Wodehouses I didn't own or had never even read. It was like a dream. I snagged my own copy of my beloved Ukridge (the pekes of Ukridge's Dog College!) as well as Heavy Weather and the fantastically titled Young Men in Spats, possibly the greatest book title ever. I would have bought more, but they were six quid each, and I also bought a Georgette Heyer and Evelyn Waugh's Put Out More Flags (which I didn't really love during my Waugh-obsession aged 13, but think I would appreciate a bit more now, as my objection to it in 1989 was mostly due to the fact that it wasn't set in the '20s or '30s), so I couldn't really afford any more. But still! Score!

*I have to do two interviews this afternoon. Bah. Still, work. Money. Good things.
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