June 15th, 2005

naughty little sister, me!

e-meters are the new yellow stars. oh, wait....

Tom Cruise's public insanity is proving to be the most entertaining celebrity meltdown, well, ever, but his fans seems to be even madder than he is. Look at what one Cruiser-lover said*:
I'm proud to say that I'm a Scientologist, and it's easy to see why Tom talks about it a lot. It's not just another religion, it's a way of life. I know what the Jews must have felt like during the holocaust, because in present, a lot of people who are ignorant to our religion, scoff at it and makes jokes so as to make themselves look bigger and more important.

You know what the Jews must have felt like during the holocaust? You KNOW WHAT JEWS MUST HAVE FELT LIKE DURING THE HOLOCAUST? Until Scientologists are being stripped of their civil rights, banished from their homes and jobs, spending their entire lives in a state of terror that they'll be randomly siezed by the SS, and finally being murdered en masse, they don't have any fucking idea how Jews felt during the Holocaust. Unspeakable idiots.

*Link from Defamer.
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andypop's daughter has written a very moving entry about her dad. It looks like he's never going to get better.

andypop was the second LJ person I ever met. He came to a gig Patsington played at the Notting Hill Arts Club about two years ago, where I'd arranged to meet yiskah (making her the first LJ person I ever met!). It was a fantastic gig (missbassey had come up from the western wilds for the occasion). Andy recognised Jess's eyebrows from her icon (yes, really), and the three of us hung out for a while, which was great fun. He was really cool and friendly and I liked him a lot - how could I not like a funny bloke who liked feminist rock and comic books? Last year we talked about bringing his band over for Ladyfest, but mostly thanks to my incompetence, we never fixed it up. Although we exchanged many LJ comments over the next year, I never met him in person again. I thought I'd see him in London next month - this is the last comment he left here</a>. Now it looks like I never will.

There are tears running down my face as I write this.
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