June 17th, 2005

tear it up terry down

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Gah. The other day we got one of those charity bags through the door, from Enable Ireland, complete with cute little flyer saying that they'd be back to collect the bags on Friday morning, and that they particularly wanted books for their shops. So last night I spent quite some time filling this bag with carefully chosen books, and then this morning I got up quite early to leave it, as requested, outside the door.

About five minutes ago, the Enable Ireland van drove up the road, and, before I could stop it, just drove away again. The bag - vast and bulging - was sitting right outside our door. I even put it where the car shouldn't have blocked the view. Fine then, Enable Ireland. You just, through your own idiocy, lost a fucking great sack full of books. Which I now have to dispose of as best I can. Cheers!
fat pony like thunder

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I am watching one of the cutest things I've ever seen - a live feed of a nest of baby peregrine falcons, courtesy of the BBC. Go here and click on "live falcon webcam".
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