June 22nd, 2005

fat pony like thunder

it's another (cherubic) numbered entry!

1. Yesterday I went with barsine, her beau and our friend J-Gu to the opening party of Save the Robots, one of the greatest exhibitions ever - wooden robots! Dancing robots! The famous mechanical shitting duck! First I thought that my favourites were the wooden automatons, and then I discovered the robot disco where the robots performed synchronised dance moves. All that, and there was great food, and little robot puppies and kittens wandered about the party. Fabulous stuff, and a credit to barsine's sister, who was closely involved in the exhibitions production.

2. The weather is still gorgeous! Hurrah for midsummer! I wish our garden furniture had a table (it's a wooden two chair job with a table fixed between them, but you can't lean on the table and write on it), because thanks to the magic of wireless, I could work outside if I had anything to lean on. Perhaps a boring, middle-aged-style trip to the gardening centre is in order, so I can get a table and a big garden umbrella thing and work outside in the sun like a fancy person.

3. I saw Batman Begins last week, and really liked it, even though it didn't credit Frank Miller for all the bits it lifted straight out of Batman: Year One. Also, it was scary. And Cillian Murphy (leedy's Celebrity Fan!) is hot, even when being evil.

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