June 27th, 2005

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My very first Bpal order just arrived, so my desk smells like a....well, like quite a lot of things, all of them lovely. Well, nearly all of them. I am rather disappointed by one of the oils I ordered - I've been wearing the same scent (Tocca Touch) for so long that I forgot that perfumes smell different on different people, and that the description of the Bpal scents might not apply to my own skin. And ordered two nice big bottles of the scents I thought I'd like. I know you have to give scents a chance to settle down, but alas at first sniff (well, it's been on for about half an hour) the delicious-looking Belle Epoque smells kind of.....soapy. I thought it would smell of sandalwood and mandarin and vanilla (all of which usually smell fine on me, I should add). And it looked so nice that I ordered a 10ml bottle of it! Perhaps it'll change over time. If not, anyone want to swap it for another one?

I am, however, delighted by one of the imps (tiny sample vials) I was sent - I wouldn't have been drawn to anything featuring patchouli, but this one is gorgeous. So all in all, I don't think I've wasted my cash, especially as the other oil I ordered (Alice) is also lovely. So, even though my order took two and a half months (yes, really) to arrive, I have to say, thank you, Bpal!
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On Saturday afternoon, daegaer and I called over to visit barsine. But we had an ulterior motive. Although usually we would be delighted merely to visit the charming barsine*, this time we were really there to see....Collapse )
As you can see, Basil is an extremely charming person, who is staying at barsine's house for a week until he moves on to his new home at barsine's parents' place. He is a very noisy, adventurous fellow, who greeted us with cries of joy every time we came into his room, and fell asleep in all of our laps at various points in the afternoon.

*I should add that, as ever, barsine was a wondrous host, and fed us copious amounts of tea and Pringles and (later) wine. We (well, me and barsine) also bounced about the garden on a space hopper and, best of all, leapt up and down on a large trampoline, which is surprisingly tiring....
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I love my Bpal scents! I currently smell of Alice (that sentence could be construed in a rather saucy way), which kind of smells of honey-sweetened tea. Although as I drink an awful lot of honey-sweetend tea, it could now be my natural, um, odour.... Anyway, I am using my icon of the original Alice in its honour!
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