July 3rd, 2005

music, francoise

my infant spirit

Last night Patsington and I went to see Antony and the Johnsons. It was one of the greatest, most moving performances I've ever seen in my life. If they're playing anywhere near you, ever, go. They got two standing ovations, and if they'd played another encore they'd have got another one. It was absolutely and utterly fantastic.
serene nicola

raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens

Happiness might just be sitting in our room with the bold Patsington, drinking gorgeous red wine, listening to the Persephone Books Cafe Music CD, reading and writing and talking rubbish, taking a break to go online and find a map of Pakistan to see exactly where the setting of William Dalrymple's excellent White Mughals is in relation to modern India and Pakistan (and also to post on LJ). I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be right now (even if Patsington is now eating bread and brie and getting crumbs in the bed).