July 19th, 2005

fat pony like thunder


I'm reading Gideon Defoe's The Pirates! In an Adventure with Whaling. I had vaguely heard of Defoe's debut novel The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, but I had the impression that it was an annoyingly Pratchett-esque affair, filled with sub-sub-Blackadder similes (badly done wacky similes are the mark of true unfunniness). How wrong I was! The Pirates! In an Adventure with Whaling is funny. Very, very funny. The description of the new portraits in the Pirate Captain's cabin made me laugh so much I thought I was going to have an asthma attack (particularly the "black and white painting that showed him with his shirt off, tenderly cradling a baby" and the "one of him emerging from an old boot alongside a giant kitten"). The humour is more P. G. Wodehouse than Terry Pratchett, to my enormous relief, and even the pirates themselves sound more like Bertie Wooster than the expected "arrr!"ing cliches. A very pleasant surprise, which comes highly recommended.
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Since this morning I have read not only The Pirates! An Adventure with Whaling, but The Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists, which Patsington kindly bought in town on my request and bore home in triumph. And I want to read something equally funny. And, with the exception of The Compleet Molesworth (which as any fule kno is simply the funniest book ever written), I can think of nothing of equal funniness. Which means that, with the exception of the aforementioned and sadly recently read (by me) Molesworth, they are the funniest books in my house. It is all down hill from here.

So please, recommend me something funny. Here are some things (writers, books, TV programmes, films) I find not just funny but laugh-out-loud hilarious, just to help you pick. Bear in mind that I am absolutely appalling at coming up with things I like off the top of my head, so there are lots of other things that I find hilarious too. But these are enough for starters.....
Tim Moore; Black Books; Paul Feig; P. G. Wodehouse; Father Ted; Louise Rennison; The Day Today; Paul Merton on Just a Minute; The end of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, with the bears and the dog; Arthur Marshall; Monty Python and the Holy Grail (I'm not a huge Python fan, but I love this film, and the bit where Terry Jones, as King Bedivere, announces that they will use his finest scales to weigh the witch and the duck and then jumps off the platform makes me laugh for about five minutes. I don't even know why).; The Daily Show; Scrubs; Richmal Crompton; The Mighty Boosh; Hairspray; Peter Bagge, although he's pretty nasty (but the bit where Buddy's nephew is singing the theme from Beauty and the Beast while wearing a slip and a witch's hat makes me laugh just thinking about it).

Some stuff I don't find funny:
Terry Pratchett (with the exception of Good Omens, which I love); Jasper Fforde; Most people who are strongly influenced by Blackadder or Monty Python, even though I love both programmes.; Green Wing

Help me, hilarious LJ!