July 28th, 2005

baby faced savage

babe i'm on fire

Thanks to Liza Picard's excellent Dr Johnson's London, I now know of the prodigous appetites of Georgian infants. For example, one twelve month-old baby mentioned in a contemporary book about baby cuisine apparently feasted on half a "handsome chicken" a day, as well as tea and bread and butter. An even greedier baby, just five months older than the chicken-gorger, dined daily on "toast and ale". I bow to no one in my admiration of the Modern Baby (especially those belonging to cangetmad, blue_monday, agentz, radegund and missbassey, to name but a few). But could the Modern Baby pack away all that? I think not.* Infants of the 18th Century, I salute you!

*Except for those scary tragic giant babies that always used to appear on the Jenny Jones Show.