August 25th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

think of the kittens, howard!

Last night I was telling Patsington that when I read the words of idiotic smug conservatives online, I am going to soothe myself by gazing at this photo (it really works! Look at that photo and try not to feel all gooey!). But then Patsington reminded me that my rage-calming scheme is very similar to that offered by Naboo in The Mighty Boosh, in which he gave Howard a photo of kittens to calm him down, pointing at a kitten and saying "look at him, he's havin' a whale of a time!" And I'm afraid he's right (Patsington, and also apparently Naboo). So have Patsington and I been saying those words in a Naboo-voice (think a sort of mystical Cockney) at random intervals ever since? Yes. Yes, we have. I was just falling asleep last night when I heard Patsington say "look at him, he's havin' a whale of a time!" in a sort of noble whisper and we laughed so much I woke right up again and couldn't get back to sleep.