September 11th, 2005


past and presents

It's the last day of my twenties! But I can't mind too much, after the fabulous celebrations of last night. Many thanks to everyone who came along, especially barsine, fellow birthday girl daegaer and radegund. It was lovely to see you all, and I am laden down with fabulous gifts. And here are three of them....
Collapse )
Isn't it absolutely beautiful? As is my gift from barsine, who knew I'd craved this cushion in Urban Outfitters for ages. Collapse )
And my dear friend Mozzer gave me possibly the greatest t-shirt ever...
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And from other nice people I got an amazing orchid plant, a lovely head scarf and sparkly hair tying-thing, and a wind-up Mary (as in Our Lady). So in conclusion, I have lovely friends, and last night was great.