September 13th, 2005

absinthe, a is for anna


My second day of my thirties (don't worry, I won't keep doing this forever), and all is well. My long-awaited Bpal order arrived, and now I have a big bottle of Rakshasa, a medium bottle of Delirium, and two imps of Zephyr. I actually wish I'd got the small bottle of Zephyr and just got Delirium in imp form, because I much prefer Zephyr. The 'Lab threw in lots of free imps too, and I may be giving some to a good home. I think I've gone overboard on the ordering of rose-based scents - I love rose, but I'm going to end up with about five of them.

By the way, did I thank all of you for your nice birthday wishes? I don't think I did, but they were all very much appreciated (especially those of ladyxoc, who sent me an e-card that made me laugh out loud). You all rock.