September 17th, 2005


season of mists

glitzfrau is home! And she came to the fantastic gig that jane_the_23rd and some of the other fabulous former-Ladyfesters put on last night! It's very nice to have her back, dazzling us all in her golden cowboy boots. I was very undazzling in my favourite new thing - my new parka. I haven't had a decent parka for years, but I love them because they are both Mod and little grungy indie girl, thus combining two looks of my own youthful fashion history. But yesterday while out with barsine I found a really nice one in Oasis (of all places) and on a crazy whim I bought it. And I love it! And I look like a small Eskimo in it! And the lining is detachable (it buttons out, such fun) so it kind of turns into an army jacket! Now I want it to be winter so I can wear it all the time (although it was bloody well cold enough to wear it last night. Poor glitzfrau, what a grim return).
fat pony like thunder

x marks the spot

Terrible contestant on The X Factor: I've got that special talent, like Justin Timberlake, Peter André, Michael Jackson.

I find The X Factor painful to watch, BUT I JUST CAN'T STOP. Nor can the rest of my household, so I'm not alone. I cringe at the terrible constestants (like the girl Simon Cowell compared to Vicki Pollard last week, or the woman with no teeth), and even more shamefully, I cry at the dorky ones who turn out to have amazing (read: showy) voices and get in. And I have to hide in the kitchen when the dreadful talentless ones start begging and pleading. Oh, it's dreadful. And yet, I keep watching it every week. Help!