September 21st, 2005

searle ju ju, summer

Two Questions and Two Answers

1. What stout cat had to taken to the vet yesterday afternoon because of her horrible scabby eczema, and wailed piteously all the way there in the car, and then became bizarrely cheerful when sitting in her carrier in the vet's waiting room along with loads of enormous dogs, and then was very good when the vet was prodding her about, and then nearly made her owner cry with her still more piteous wails when she got two injections, and then surprised us all when the vet said she wasn't really too overweight, it was mostly fluff?

The answer is Ju Ju.

2. Who got sent a copy of Nigel Slater's gorgeous, gorgeous new book yesterday afternoon?


I think I'm having a better week than Ju Ju. Even though I had to fork out seventy quid to the vet.