October 9th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

ding dong the bells are gonna chime

The wedding was absolutely wonderful, and I wish I had photos, but for some reason none of us brought cameras, so we'll just have to hope that some of the official photographer's snaps get e-mailed across the Atlantic. I am just a little bit knackered and hungover this morning, so all I'll say is that the bride looked amazing, there were lots of lovely people some of whom I see all the time and some I hadn't seen for ages, the food was delicious, the champagne was flowing, and the dancefloor was packed. I DJed for a bit, running out from behind the decks so I could dance to 5ive (aw yeah) and Beyoncé, and then other DJs took over and we all ended up kicking our shoes off and bouncing about to the Clash and Madonna and it was absolutely brilliant and I feel a bit anti-climactic this morning after the week of excitements. And hungover? Did I mention hungover?

I'm going to spend today on the couch watching the Corrie omnibus and drinking soothing tea.