October 12th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

feminist princess

I always find Meg Cabot's blog entertaining, but her latest entry (from October 10th) made me want to applaud.

*Dear Gwen Stefani,

Okay, so I’m really worried about you. Did you have a fever or something when you did that interview for this month’s ALLURE, the one where you said you aren’t a feminist?

I know there’s been a trend lately where female musicians deny being a feminist—both Bjork and PJ Harvey denied being feminists in BUST magazine, for instance.

But I really thought you, Gwen, were above all that. Don’t you know that all feminism means is that you believe in equal social, political, and economic rights for women? It doesn’t mean you think women are better than men. It just means you think they are EQUAL to men, and deserve the same rights.

To give you credit, you DID tell the reporter that you needed to know what her definition of feminism was before you would answer her question (which you then didn’t do). I have provided, above, the dictionary definition of feminism. As you can see, that definition doesn’t say anything about how feminists can’t wear cute clothes or makeup and still call themselves feminists, because, um, duh, we totally can. And many of us do.

So please get back to me at your earliest opportunity with your answer—are you a feminist? Or are you not? Because if you say you’re not, I’m going to have to stop buying your records, as I’ve stopped buying Bjork’s and PJ’s, because I would rather support female artists who DO believe in equal social, political, and economic rights for women.



Meg Cabot, your teen books are absolutely perfect brain candy (and I finally gave in and bought the final Mediator title in hardcover from Amazon because I can't wait any longer for the paperback to come out. I am weak), and you rock.

ETA: Except Kate pointed out a bi-phobic bit I must have skimmed over in a recent entry, because if I'd read it before I would have expressed my disappointment here. Come on, Meg! I'm so disappointed. You rock 99% of the time, but perpetuating the whole bisexual=automatically-unfaithful myth is just not on.