October 13th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

saint rory

My only (non-spoilery) comment on this week's Gilmore Girls is this: in future, Sherman-Palladinos, why don't you just replace all of the Rory scenes with scenes of her sitting on a throne while everyone tells her how fantastic she is? Because it would serve the same purpose. I used to like Rory, and I got very annoyed when lots of moronic posters on TWoP who didn't seem to have had a sexual feeling or experience in their lives started calling her a slut for sleeping with one person at the age of 19. But the Rory=Perfect Angel thing is becoming almost self-parodic.

Emily, on the other hand, was magnificently bitchy. But still! It was in defence of Saint Rory, the Wunderkind who can do no wrong!
serene nicola

good things

*Walking through the park to the library in the crisp Autumn sun listening to the Is Wedding playlist on my iPod, filled with the tracks I downloaded and then burned onto a CD for DJing purposes. Pure bliss.

*The fact that I just got all of last night's Veronica Mars. Even though I will be noble and wait to watch it until Patsington gets home.

*Looking on Abebooks for Jill Tweedie's collection of '70s Grauniad columns and finding it in a Meath bookshop that will post it out to me today.

*Laughing about Ju Ju with Patsington, who is particularly good at doing a surly Ju Ju voice (even though at the wedding Patsington was St Peter to Ju Ju's Jesus. Yes, he denied her three times before the cock crowed! Or something. Anyway, he pretended that he is not just as much of a crazy cat man as I am a crazy cat lady, which is very unfair. And when I accused him of this he sniggered evilly. Bold Patsington!).

*The fact that I am finally going to see Serenity tomorrow with glitzfrau and hopefully our friend J-Gu.

* Young David Platt on last night's Coronation Street blasting Joy Division from his bedroom. Extra points for disrupting the romance of his horrible shrew of a mother Gail with his excellent musical taste! If you needed any more proof that Corrie rocks, then this, surely, should be it. I should add that all the acting in the recent Danny/Leanne revelation plotline has been excellent, especially Frankie, and even, I'm afraid to say, Dougal-haired Wurzel Gummidge lookalike Jamie.