October 20th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

one of us, one of us

Patsington has specs! For some time, Patsington has been plagued by headaches, and scans and the like have revealed no cause. A while ago it dawned on us that perhaps he was mildly shortsighted, and lo, it appears that he is, and today he got his very first pair of specs, an event I experienced over 20 years ago (yikes). He is so un-shortsighted that when I put his new specs on it makes absolutely no difference to me, but he said he's noticed already that he doesn't have to concentrate and focus on stuff so much, so it could make all the difference to him. But yes, we are now a fearful speccy couple, even though I rarely take to the streets in my specs. I always say that contact lenses changed my life (that and my braces, even though my teeth weren't hugely wonky beforehand), but I've noticed that those who got glasses as adults and didn't spend their teenage years behind specs are more likely to wear their glasses on a daily basis than those of who got specced up before puberty. The same goes for those who could actually function normally without glasses and those of us who are helpless without some kind of visual aid (I think we're more likely to resent the specs because we really, really need them). So here is a poll!

Poll #594715 spectactular!

Do you need glasses?

Yes, for everything
Yes, for reading/watching TV/driving but not to, like, function
Something else which I will explain in comments

If you need specs, do you wear contact lenses?

Yes, daily, no matter what I'm doing
Yes, when I'm socialising but not to, like, go to the supermarket
Yes, for special occasions
Something else which I will explain in comments

Do you feel equally confident with our without specs?

Depends on the situation
Something else which I will explain in comments

How old were you when you discovered you needed glasses, and did you have to wear them all the time straight away?