October 31st, 2005

fat pony like thunder


I decided to amuse myself on this bank holiday by breaking out the box of art materials, including the large bottle of dangerously spillable black ink and the old proper drawing pen. There's something very satisfying about the act of dipping the nib into the pool of blackness. So first I sketched the large wall-mounted bookshelf in the kitchen, and then I was doing some illustrations for well-loved books, and enjoying myself very much, when I noticed a stout sillhouette just begging to be sketched. And so, I give you:
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I rather like it. But now I must take a break from my artistic pursuits and go to the supermarket to buy sweets for the hordes of face-painted infants who are due to hit the streets in just a couple of hours. And if I get any too-old kids chancing their arms, I'll give them mouldy old nuts. Heh heh heh.