November 21st, 2005

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So, back to the grindstone today, after the glory of Patsington's commencement on Friday (Patsington Frayningham, B. A. (Hons), M. Phil! The fanciness!) and the relaxation of the weekend (Saturday had Inspector Morse and the couch in the afternoon, Harry Potter and glitzfrau in the evening, while Sunday had knitting and the Corrie omnibus (a lot happened the week I was away! Poor old Sunita!)). But today was the proper return to work, which was a bit of a comedown. At least the weather was delicious, dry and cold and sparkly and a bright blue sky that turned pastel and milky in the late afternoon. Which made tramping over to Dun Laoghaire to collect some review books more appealing than it would be if the weather was its usual rainy self.

But even if it had been raining, the 20 minute walk to the Dun Laoghaire-serving bus would have been worth it. Because I dropped in to the second hand bookshop and discovered the only one of Hilary McKay's Exiles books I didn't have. Hurrah! And then, when I got to the office, what was there waiting for me but THE NEW SARAH WATERS OMG! Yes, I have it in my hot little hands! Three months before it comes out!

So I skipped home laden with fantastic books and nice M&S food (from, um, M&S, not the office) and what was waiting for me at home BUT THE CHOSEN BOX SET! Every single episode of Buffy on DVD! Every one! In a big fancy box! Oh, the bliss. Almost too many fancy cultural aquisitions for one day. But not quite too many.

Anyway, these good things are soothing my homicidal rage at certain recent news reports. Luckily, most of my chums have expressed my feelings on the matter already.
smiling, pandababy

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My God, tonight's first Corrie episode was hilarious. How I wish I could write for it - you'd have the fun of making up melodramatic stories and the challenge of making it funny and making it genuinely moving. And I love the fact that there are currently teen characters in it who are more stroppy than sexy. Like teenage goth Rosie - just watch a clip of the scene where she and Craig chain themselves to the butcher's shop. I particularly liked the pause after David Platt's last question (and I love David Platt too, stomping about being snarky and listening to Joy Division)....