December 6th, 2005


in sickness and in health

Man, I am fed up with being sick. I feel like crap and my lungs hurt and I want to go out but I realise that prancing about in the freezing cold is probably a good way of turning a chest cold into a chest infection into bronchitis. And I am bored, even though I have Sarah Waters and Sherlock Holmes books and Robin and Buffy DVDs and Radio 4. Watching Robin isn't the same without Patsington to share the amusement and excitement.

fat pony like thunder

"never assume anything, guisborne, except a faint air of intelligence"

I am feeling a bit better, not least because I just watched a FANTASTIC episode (no, really) of Robin Hood centred around the Sheriff's demented persecution of a Jewish family. I should stress that this is not because I am a secret anti-semite who enjoys programmes about the persecution of Jews, by the way, but because it was actually a fascinating story - the sheriff owes the family patriarch (who is, inevitably for the time, a money lender) money. To avoid paying his debt, he decides to stir up an anti-Jewish riot and massacre (because, as he points out, the recent one in York went so well) which should take care of the family for him. It was surprisingly powerfully done, with obvious but quite smart Nazi comparisons (especially when Guy of Guisborne is sniggering over how easy it was to set the townspeople off on their rampage). But the family escape because they have received a warning of the massacre - from Guy of G! Because even though he is a proto-fascist he fancies the daughter of the house! And expects her to marry him despite the fact that, as she points out, he allowed his goons to slaughter all her co-religionists! It was exciting stuff, I can tell you, but happily Robin (and the power of scholarship, see below) saves the day in the end.

Also, the father of the family is a scholar of the Kaballah, and he says lots of great things about how only a true scholar can understand its wisdom, which requires years of study. Are you listening, MADONNA? Perhaps she should take heed of the end of the story, when the sheriff looks at the sacred text despite being warned by the old scholar and IS DRIVEN MAD (temporarily).

So in conclusion: Robin of Sherwood - it's not all cheese! Well, except for the Sheriff's mad scene. That was pretty ridiculous. Entertaining, though. Lots of eye-rolling and scenery-chewing.

Now to watch more! And to ring Patsington and plaintively ask him to pick up some Chinese takeaway on the way home. Feed a cold and starve a fever, and all that.