December 12th, 2005

working lady of shallot

things i love today

1. Sunny winter days

2. Making fresh soup in the warm, golden kitchen with Radio 4 playing in the background. This is a double love, (hey, that's the name of the first Sweet Valley High book! "It's a game of double love, with Todd as the prize!") because I love making vegetable soup. I find it enormously soothing, chopping up the nice fresh veggies and chucking them into the deliciously scented pot of Marigold bouillon and just stirring away while the lovely aroma wafts around the kitchen. And I also, of course, love Radio 4. But I particularly like listening to it while knitting or cooking - I don't know why. Anyway, it's a perfect combination. And the finished soup is delicious too, of course!

3. My new Go Pirates! hoodie

4. The look on Ju Ju's face when she sneezes. An expression of pure surprise.

5. The weird Fairport-esque folk songs Patsington and I have been writing together recently

6. Text messages that make you laugh out loud in public

7. Getting cool stuff in the post

8. The fact that when Patsington and I were lying in bed last night bemoaning our financial state, mid-whine we just sort of looked at each other and started laughing.
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As someone whose delicate little stomach is prone to producing more acid than that Owsley bloke from San Francisco, I am very fond of Gaviscon. Yes, despite its dreadful ad with the scary rubber glove of doom going down the heart-burn sufferer's throat, it - and especially the big dry tablets that you have to get in dispensing tubes in the chemist - is a fantastic product that really works.

Or rather it, was.

Because I just got two new tubes and as they proudly announce, they've changed the formula and oh my God, it could just be the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. It tastes like.....I dunno....dead mint, or something. In fact, I bet literal dead mint tastes better, and I am tempted to go out to the mint plant in the back garden and pick up a few old leaves and eat them, ANYTHING TO GET THIS DISGUSTING TASTE OUT OF MY MOUTH. And the texture! The old tablets were really chalky, but these are....I can't describe it....I could barely get the first tablet down. But hang on, for the sake of your education I'm going to take a tiny nibble from one and describe the sensations AS I EXPERIENCE THEM.

Tiny bit of tablet is now in mouth. I can taste a sort of rotten mint taste. Now I am chewing. It's sort of sticky, yet crunchy, yet dry, and it doesn't seem to be actually, you know, getting chewed up. It's sort of forming a.......freakish gritty rotten-mint-tasting paste. Oh, Christ. Ewwww, it's sticking to my teeth. Oh my Lord, this is horrible. I can't take any more. I'd rather have horrible heart burn than eat another crumb of this vile concoction.

*spits into bin*

*goes off to brush teeth and comes back*

Good God.

So, um, yes, there is a new Gaviscon and it is VILE. And I will never buy it again. And nor should you.

Oh, man, I can still taste it....
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Oh dear.

Patsington has become obsessed with the theme from The Fall Guy. He wants to cover it with his band. And he keeps playing it.

And oh my God, it's kind of cool. And totally fucking hilarious.

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And Glen Larson wrote the lyrics himself! Fantastic.

Patsington and I just went to put up our (fake, alas) Christmas tree to find that its little tripod legs have disappeared! So we can't put it up! And I had the fresh cinnamon bundles all tied up with red ribbon, and the reindeer (Arthur and Lee) which missbassey and mr bassey gave us, all ready to decorate the branches. But this gives us an excuse to get a real tree, which will we do on Wednesday. Huzzah!
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