December 19th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

it's another fascinating random list entry!

1. I went to the Unitarian carol service yesterday morning. It was really lovely and made me feel really and properly Christmassy for the first time this year. I do like the Unitarians - how could anyone not like a church that held a special gay Christmas service last week and whose members give sermons on topics like atheist spirituality? It's also the only time I've ever been to a Christmas service of any kind in which one of the readings was a very funny story about a church Christmas pageant featuring lots of puke and poo. And everyone joined in the carols with great gusto. Also, I talked to the minister afterwards, whom I'd interviewed over the phone when I wrote about them back in September (he was away at a conference at the time) and he said that that article had really boosted their numbers, which is cool. The Unitarians - scooping up Dublin's liberal agnostics who just can't take Catholicism any more!

2. It was my ma's birthday yesterday, and we had a very nice lunch, after which I went over to my parents' house where my sister Rachel and I spent most of the afternoon decorating the tree and laughing (kindly) at my parents, who are getting madder and madder in their retirement. They have bought a shredder, because "identity theft is a real danger!" I know they're right, but we can't help finding it really funny. We kept nodding seriously and saying things like "well, your many enemies won't be able to get you now." My dad launched into a spirited defence of the shredder's usefulness as a crime-deterent, to which Rachel said, "what are you going to do to all these criminals who are after you, shred their hands off?"

3. I am going to stop drinking any alcohol for a while. I had one pint last night and feel very nauseated - not hungover - today, and I've noticed that my tummy ailments get much, much worse if I drink for more than one day in a row, even if we're just talking a glass of wine a day. I'm not exactly a crazed binge drinker so this isn't exactly a tragedy, but I have a hideous feeling that at some stage this week I'll find myself saying "just one glass of wine won't hurt!" And I'll drink one and then I'll spend the following day puking feebly into a bucket. It does seem a bit unfair - if anyone should be punished by weird stomach ailments as a result of drinking alcohol, shouldn't it be someone who drinks a lot more than me?

4. Patsington is not working today, but he is going in to perform some carols for his charges at their carol service, going above and beyond the call of duty, and I really am awfully proud of him. We're having a special mini-Christmas celebration on Friday, as we will not be together on Christmas day itself. I like the idea of having two Christmasses - I love having Christmas with my family, and I really like being back at home for a few days, but I'd also like Patsington and I to have our own little Christmas too....