December 29th, 2005

pandababy christmas

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Ju Ju has returned from her Christmas holiday home, and normality, such as it is, descends once more upon C***y-F****e Towers. But I am absolutely knackered after a day stomping about town, feasting with my siblings at a farewell lunch for Busta J, and buying a dinky little HP photo printer at the Dixon's sale - €150, reduced from €270! It has Bluetooth, so I have been printing from my laptop without wires in a very fancy way, and have been making up for Patsington's and my lack of photographs over the last, um, five years.

And when not printing out pointless photos of us looking frightfully glamorous at Tuesday's wedding, I have been indulging in my new obsession - sudoku. Yeah, two years after the rest of the world, I have jumped on the tired old bandwagon, and it's all because of my mother, who has added Sudoku to the long list of her passions (other passions include crosswords, the works of Patrick O'Brian and Dorothy Dunnett, television programmes about detectives, and singing in choirs). She showed me how to do it when we were all lolling about the house on St Stephen's Day, and I swiftly became obsessed. I did all the "easy" ones in the house (ie a week's worth of I**** T**** from the recycle bin) and moved on to the "medium" ones the following morning. And this afternoon I bought - oh, I can barely bring myself to admit it. I bought Carol Vorderman's Sudoku book! And I started doing the puzzles on the bus home! And I've already done most of the easy ones! And now I'm going to have a bath AND I MIGHT JUST TAKE THE BOOK AND THE PENCIL IN WITH ME. Where will this madness end?

Jesus, my dreadful teenage neighbours are all singing along in unison to Dylan's 'Hurricane'. Of all the songs for drunken skanky teenagers to sing along to....