January 11th, 2006

fat pony like thunder


Since Christmas I have been trying not to spend money but it all went horribly wrong yesterday after I went into Lush to treat myself to a bath bomb thing (price: about €3.50, so not exactly a great extravagance). My eye was caught by the cocoa butter shower gel, but as I've found Lush's shower gels to be rather harsh on the skin before, I asked whether it had any oil in it. And the friendly assistant recommended getting the Heavenly Bodies chocolate "butter cream" stuff, which is a sort of squashy soapy thing that smells very nice. And that seemed to set me off on a crazed spree. I bought a Dreamtime bath melt bar, and then I thought I'd get some more Karma soap for the bathroom as we're running low, and when I went to the till the friendly assistant told me that if I spent €20 I could get ANYTHING IN THE SHOP FOR FREE!!!! And I was just six quid off that total now! So I went even madder and bought a chocolately lip balm and then gazed around the store in wonder, trying to decide what my free thing would be. I thought it should be something pretty exciting and exotic and expensive, being FREE and everything. But the burden of choice was almost too much for me, and I ended up boringly getting the Ambrosia shaving stuff (because I shave my legs, being a tool of the patriachy) for twelve quid. Or rather, for NOTHING.

On the plus side, the friendly assistant gave me about five free samples instead of the more usual single free sample when I was paying, so really, in a way, I was SAVING money by spending twenty quid on unnecessary but nicely scented products. Sort of.
fat pony like thunder

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Afternoon moon

The house in the park is only open to the public once a year - Patsington and I wonder if we could just move in...

The sun is always shining somewhere

Autumn in January

And then, as I'm sure you'll be relieved to hear, the batteries of my camera died so I couldn't take any more photos. This camera eats up batteries - it takes AA ones, and it uses them up ridiculously quickly. Is this normal for digital cameras?