January 12th, 2006

smiling, pandababy

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Oh my God, Meg Cabot's teenage art show is hilarious. Not least because I can RECOGNISE MY OWN TEENAGE SELF in her wonderful works (I wanted to be an illustrator too, and although I didn't do a series of illustrations for Beauty and the Beast, but I did do them for the original version of Cinderella. I was also fond of doing watercolours of mermaids).

The pictures are funny in their own right, but it's the commentary that had me laughing aloud.
Check out that horse. Man. I used to be considered good at drawing horses, too. That is just sad.

Okay, whatever, I told you I can't draw men. And I certainly can't draw Beasts. So I just put a big hood over his head. It's sort of believable that he would be wearing a hood, because he's so ashamed to show his grotesqueness to her. Right? RIGHT????

I would like to point out that when I drew these, I didn't have cable, a VCR, or the Internet, so how was I supposed to know that guys in hoods are Creepy, and Not in a Good Way? I mean, we didn't even have MTV until I was in college, practically.