January 14th, 2006

fat pony like thunder

It was a stripey day at the park today!

The sun over the old pines

This little dog often appears at the same part of the park, near the side gates. He's very funny and fierce, and very unfriendly.

The sun makes more stripes!

I love walking up this path. In the spring there are patches of crocuses between the trees. Nearly there.

The sun over the wild old grove at the heart of the park

My and Patsington's future gaff, when we demand squatter's rights (this is actually the front of the house - my last photo of it was of the side which opens onto the terrace)

This ivy is so perfect it looks fake

And I came home from my walk to find this horrible thing sleeping on the couch, where she is definitely not allowed. Look at the size of those mighty paws!