January 17th, 2006

fat pony like thunder

love letters

I love, love, love the new Nellie McKay album. It may be even better than the first one. I wish she'd write a musical - half the songs sound like they're taken from a slightly deranged leftie-feminist musical already (the love duet with k.d.lang is particularly sweet), so why shouldn't she go all the way and write a full libretto?

I also love my House of Eliott second series DVD box set which arrived yesterday, because I am in thrall to gorgeous, gorgeous '20s clothes and soapy plots and proto-feminism (Patsington got quite into the first series, by the way. He claimed that his favourite character was evil/stupid cousin Arthur - "I like the patriarch!" he would cry - and he took my frequent wails of "oh, I want that hat! Why don't I have a hat like that etc etc" in his stride).

And I also love my new cotton kimono which I bought in the Avoca sale this afternoon and which, as I am now wearing it over my trés retro white cotton floral pyjamas with my Liberty print slippers, makes me look rather like a House of Eliott character (albeit one with unfashionably long hair).

I'm not sure I currently love Ju Ju (she of the CAT LIPS), as she has taken to sitting on a chair at the kitchen table, glowering across at me in a frankly sinister fashion. She looks like she's expecting to get served dinner with a full silver service. It's unnerving.

Right, I'm off to watch more House of Eliott and eat lemon melt biscuits, aka the most perfect biscuits in the universe. Sometimes I just love having the house to myself for an evening....