January 27th, 2006

fat pony like thunder

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We're going out to dinner with Patsington's parents tonight. Over the last few weeks I think we've eaten out more than we've actually eaten dinner at home. And when we've eaten dinner at home it's been stuff like the Blessed Nigel Slater's pork chops cooked in butter and wine. No wonder I've been feeling a bit portly (while still, thank heavens, fitting the famed Topshop 28" waist, 29" midget leg jeans. 28x29! I'm practically cuboid!).

Of course, I've had lots of exercise, as yesterday glitzfrau and I went on safari and had ANOTHER animal adventure, this one involving the two bold dogs of last week who kept following me and H. They joined us when we were on our way back fromthe ruined church at the far end of the lane, and even when we passed their houses they just kept going. They'd trot a little way ahead of us, then stop and look back to make sure we were still with them. Which we were, although not by choice, as we wanted them to go home. Then they drew back, and followed us instead. Which was, frankly, unnerving. At one stage we thought they had got distracted by a hedge and weren't following us anymore, and decided we'd keep walking quickly and wouldn't look back. So we walked on for a few hundred yards and when we finally dared glance back, just a few yards from the main road, we beheld the idiot dogs trotting along just a few feet behind us. Which was pretty funny, but also annoying, as the road, while very quiet, does get some traffic and it wasn't safe for these stupid canines to go this far away from their (much quieter) native land back up the road. So we turned back and headed towards their houses where we hoped to find their owners. Which we didn't. Happily, they got distracted by ANOTHER dog (seriously, that place is like a mad dog sanctuary) and we ran off before they noticed that their new idols (us) were on the move once more. But still, they almost doubled our walk. Which was good for us, I suppose, but rather tiring. So we went back to my place and ate lots of sundried tomato pesto on bread and watched The House of Eliott, and when Patsington came home the three of us went for a feast at the Italian place down in the village. Yet more food! Which frankly, I think we deserved after serving as some sort of dog warden.

In non-animal-or-food news, I just got sent a copy of Meg Cabot's forthcoming mystery novel (already out in the US), and who is quoted on the back of it? ME! Hurrah. I also got Avalon High sent to me on Monday, so this has been a Cabot-tastic week all round. Also, I like her idea of the fate of poor little Toga, the kidnapped baby penguin whose possible fate kept sending my sister Busta J and me into floods over Christmas, in the manner of the Radletts in The Pursuit of Love.