February 5th, 2006

rock and roll, musical

and it burns, burns, burns

We went to see Walk the Line last night with Patsington's parents, and I really loved it. As we said afterwards, it was like our band El Diablo, with added drug addiction and adultery. And much better music, of course, apart from the times we covered 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'Ring of Fire'. The bits where Johnny and June were singing together on stage really captured the feeling of working together on music that you really love with someone that you really love. And how cool did Reese Witherspoon look with her autoharp? Oh, how I want an autoharp. When we toured with the Handsome Family I became besotted with Rennie's autoharp, and I've regularly tried to get one on eBay, but I've never won. Bah. Anyway, I also loved Ms Witherspoon's wardrobe (afterwards Patsington's mother said, "she dressed like you!"), and I thought the film captured some of the experience of being the only girl in a band, touring around with a bunch of smelly boys (although of course in my case the boys were much more well-behaved and weren't out of their heads on speed).

But even if it hadn't reminded me of being in a band, I would have loved it anyway - the music is fantastic, both Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix are brilliant (the latter carries himself like Cash so amazingly that you forget that the builds of the two men are totally different), and there are some truly thrilling moments - particularly the sound of the prisoners stamping in anticipation of Cash's appearance and Cash performing 'Folsom Prison Blues' for Sam Phillips.

All that, and Larry from Buffy is in it! Go and see.