March 24th, 2006

fat pony like thunder

time wasting i'm time wasting

Gah, I am a buffoon. Yesterday I reported that Zane Lowe was taking over from Simon Amstell on Popworld. But I was wrong - it's another irritating "indie rock" MTV presenter with Zane in his name - Alex Zane. And this is even worse! Zane Lowe's telly persona is annoying and smarmy (when he presented the "alternative" show on MTV my housemates and I used to writhe in horror at his pretentious affected style). But Alex Zane is worse because he really obviously thinks he's hilariously funny and witty. Which he isn't. Which makes him even more annoying. Bah. I must watch more Popworld archives to cheer myself up (not that I've been doing that all day instead of working, or anything).

In other fascinating news, I got a letter in the post today informing me that my pension has been officially set up. Yes! I am a sensible grown up. Albeit one who is paying about 300 quid a month less than my pensions advisor recommended. But she, like so many other people including nearly all of my friends, does not understand the vague employment situation of the freelance journalist. Still, I can boost up the payments if I get richer (which I'd better do). What I should NOT do is spend my money on Japanese food and booze, which is what I did last night. Not a huge amount of Japanese food, and not a lot of booze either, but both are preposterously expensive in this city. Still, the outing was to celebrate the triumphant return home from America (for two weeks) of my dear chum Is, so it was of course all worth it.