April 2nd, 2006

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It's after two in the morning and I am posting on LJ. Why I am awake and driven to the internet at such an hour? Because my horrible little neighbours are having yet another gang bang - I'm sorry, party - next door. Yes, much as we love listening to the sounds of underage frolicking, sometimes, like when you want to get to sleep at two in the morning when you come home after your own relatively civilised night out (fabulous Chinese food in Jade with a bunch of friends followed by a couple of drinks), you just want them to shut the fuck up. What the hell is wrong with their father (their mother doesn't live there)? What sort of negligent arsehole goes off with his speedboat (oh yeah) and leaves his teenage daughters on their own every second weekend leaving his house free for any kid in a ten mile radius to have such noisy sexual congress in the back garden that it's audible over their truly terrible music choices? He's a shitty parent and he has horrible children. And they all, father and children alike, have the musical taste of boring and stupid middle-aged men; if I hear another crappy AOR/MOR track coming through the wall I'm going to set their fucking house on fire. I'm just saying.
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Yes, I am up and awake after my unwilling late night. Actually, I was up at ten and listening to the Archers omnibus (well, I was listening to it in bed, so technically I wasn't up, but I was awake). The Archers is pretty good at the moment, though, isn't it? To my surprise, because I hate Schula with a passion, I find the scenes between her and Alistair quite difficult to listen to - I hate the way he's taking the moral highground and giving out to her and pointing out what a judgemental bitch she is WHILE LYING ABOUT THE FACT THAT HE'S SECRETLY GAMBLING AWAY ALL THEIR MONEY! Also, I really liked the scene in which Lilian and Jennifer reminisced over old times and Fag Ash Lil said how sad she was about Matt's antics, to which Jenny said "he's a beast!" in a very enraged way and then both of them cracked up (as did I).

Anyway, I've also been listening to the first part of the adaptation of Mansfield Park on BBC7. It's very good, but it reminds me why it's the only Austen I never finished. My God, Fanny Price is a whining, sanctimonious little prig, isn't she? I remember feeling exactly the same way about her when I read it, but I thought that perhaps my opinion would be different now, about fifteen years after that first reading. But no. If anything, I dislike her even more. Still, it's an excellent adaptation, and the first part will still be online until tomorrow morning (it was on last Monday) so if you'd like to listen to it you can do so here.
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There's a very good article in today's Observer on abortion debates in Mississipi. But look at this:
It seems amazing that the richest, most powerful nation on earth could pass a law that would put its women's reproductive health choices on a par with those in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Haiti.

You know, there's a country missing from that list. A country that's not a million miles away from the one in which this article was printed. And it's the hypocritical sanctimonious country that hides abortion under the carpet, because no (white, Irish) women die from illegal abortions when they can get a ferry to Wales and get one there. And I firmly believe that if we didn't have Britain there to take care of our problems, we'd have legislated for abortion long ago.

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As regular readers may know, I am hideously pedantic about adaptations of books I love, especially when it comes to casting. And it's not just about what actors look like, because my pedantry includes radio as well as television and film adaptations (the unlistenable Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Wimsey springs to mind). But I gave a squeak of glee when I heard a trailer before tonight's episode of the Archers. First of all there were the words "Roderick Spode...", which made me stop stirring the parmesan into my pasta, for of course I knew what those words implied. And then came a rather familiar voice. For yes, Marcus "Giles Wemmbley-Hogg" Brigstocke is to play Bertie to Andrew Sachs's Jeeves in a new Radio 4 version of The Code of the Woosters, one of the funniest novels ever written. Having already played a very amusing silly ass character (Giles, nice-but-dim forner public schoolboy who travels the globe and constantly refers to his home life in Devon where he resides with his parents and his tortoise, the magnificently named Slow Giles) on the radio, I think Brigstocke is a perfect choice for a new radio Wooster, and I can't wait to hear the new version. It's on next Sunday afternoon at three (GMT), Wodehouse fans!
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I'm re-reading the Auntie Mame books, and I hate to say it, but I agree with Camille Paglia (who usually annoys the bejaysus out of me), because in the blurb on the back of Auntie Mame she says that it's "one of the most important books in [her] life." I read Auntie Mame when I was about 15 and fell in love. And fifteen years later, I still think that Mame, with her excitement, her glamour, her sense of humour, her passionate hatred of bigotry, her love for the underdog and her enthusiasm for everything from socialism to the stage is a perfect role model for us all. The books are very smart, very humane and very, very funny. If you've never read them, I can't recommend them strongly enough.