May 17th, 2006

smiling, pandababy

cloud nine

TWoP returns to its glory days with one last (sniff) recap of, yes, 7th Heaven.
And now we enter Annie's fantasy. I don't know about you guys, but I was sort of hoping that our glimpse into the deranged mind of Annie Camden would have, like, evil demons telling her to drown her children and fire all over the place and stuff like that. But no, it's just doofy old RevCam asking the crowd if anyone has any reason why Rose and Simon should not be wed.

Ha! Oh, how I've missed Crazy Pyschotic Annie. But it looks like she's here to stay...
And in a particularly frightening choice of lyrics, the Roy Orbison sound-not-alike sings "I pray that you are here to stay." As we now know, those prayers were answered and 7th Heaven, despite having been cancelled months ago and being one of the worst shows in television history, has been renewed for an eleventh season on The CW. Yes, this show was dead and buried, only to come back to life three days later. And if you know what I'm talking about, then you've got an edge on the Camdens, the only churchy family in history with two ministers in it to never mention Jesus.

Now that's how a recap should be written (are you listening, JACOB?).Please, please TWoP, bring back 7th Heaven next season!
sigh, emily

winter wonderland

I'll try to post about something other than the weather and other people's writing soon, but god, it's freezing cold. A few weeks ago I took out the detachable cuddly lining of my beloved parka, turning my parka into a plain ole khaki army jacket a la Lindsay Weir. And today I will have to attach it right back before I go out, as right now I am shivering with cold despite the fact that I am (a) wearing a jumper and (b) inside my well-insulated house. I just gave in and turned the heating on. I never want to leave the house, but I'll have to go round to the shop soon because I ran out of milk this morning. And I'll have to go in to my tap class this evening. I've written before about the power of tapping to revive me when I wasn't in the mood for going into town, but I don't know if even executing a perfect Suzy Q step could compensate for having to wade through freezing puddles in the middle of May.

On the plus side, I got Laurie R. King's Locked Rooms yesterday, so I've got something entertaining to read. And I'm knitting this, only in wool that's actually nice. But while both of these things are entertaining, reading detective novels and knitting woolly things are meant to be winter amusements! This is all wrong.