May 22nd, 2006

fat pony like thunder

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Sweet, sweet internet! How nice to have you back. Well, sort of. Thanks to some sort of network fault, we have had no broadband all weekend. And we still don't. And according to our craptastic ISP, we may not have it until tomorrow. So I gave in and dug out the old phone cord and am WRITING THIS ON A DIAL UP. Oh, the horror. And the expense. So, this update on my weekend's activities will be brief. Since Friday I have:

Bid farewell to glitzfrau. See you in Berlin, Glitz!

Finally picked up my first ever bespoke item of clothing - the most beautiful, beautiful coat in the world. It is fabulous and unsurpisingly it fits like a glove. In fact, it fits so much better than any other item of clothing I have ever owned that wish I could afford to have all my clothes specially made for me. But I can't. Photo of this wonder coat will be forthcoming.

Met up with my sister Busta J and her beau, who are over from London for the weekend, and ate our weight in proper Chinese food.

Finally caught up with Veronica Mars, including the finale, to which all I can say is what the fuck?Collapse ) The whole thing did not work for me at all. I am very disappointed.

Went to the dentist for the first time in over a year to be told, yet again, that my teeth are perfect! Huzzah! Thirty years and no fillings. Of course, while it is nice to be told that at least one part of you is perfect, it did make me realise that it was kind of a waste of ninety quid (ninety! To be told nothing is wrong and then have my teeth polished!). But still, I'm not going to give up on dental visits. I just wish they weren't so crazily expensive.

And now I've been on the dial-up for too long, so I must away until our broadband comes back. Perhaps I'll actually get some work done....

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Oh, making a dinner of wholewheat linguine with sun-dried tomato pesto and slices of fried haloumi seemed like a good idea at the time. Who doesn't like fried cheese? But I don't think my delicate tum can take such a feast of salty fat, because I couldn't finish it and now I do not feel well at all. Urgh.


Now to lie on the couch and watch Coronation Street. It's probably a good thing that our broadband isn't back yet (three days!) because this means I won't be tempted to sit upright at a computer, which doesn't seem to be doing my cheese-laden self any good. Lying down is better...
fat pony like thunder

Things Ju Ju Has Done Over The Last Few Days

Marched into my and Patsington's room when I had gone to brush my teeth and ensconsed herself in the middle of the bed.

And refused to move.

And grabbed our arms with both paws in a scary way (although she didn't stick out her claws) when we tried (in vain) to move her.

And shouted noisily.

And done the same thing the following night.

Although this time she did it after I had got out of bed and gone downstairs to let her in because it was lashing rain and like a fool she insisted on going outside in it at about twelve o'clock. And like a fool I left the bedroom door open so as soon as she came in the front door she dashed up the stairs and into our room before I could stop her.

So when she got leaped onto the bed she was all mucky and wet from being out in the rain, and now my lovely Cath Kidston duvet cover is all dirty (well, it's in the washing machine now, but it was all dirty).

Those are just some of the things she's been doing recently. She has also figured out how to open the door from the kitchen into the sitting room (the catch on the lock isn't particularly reliable and it can be pushed open sometimes) and so whenever our backs are turned she runs in and gets up on the couch and covers it with her vile fluff. She is currently glowering at me through the back door with an expression of pure evil on her face. She is, in fact, a stout fiend in feline form. I had been thinking of doing a picture book with her as a central character, but I don't think it's fair to inflict Ju Ju on the infant world, even in illustrated form. After all, what child could look at anything resembling this without having nightmares?
Ju Ju roars through the glass