May 27th, 2006

fat pony like thunder

haiku, do you?

Yesterday afternoon I was full of good cheer because the weather was lovely, the park was absolutely beautiful, and my infant neighbours were telling me interminable but amusing stories about various strange animals and birds they had known. It didn't get totally dark until well after ten, and there was a lovely sunset. Today, however, I have woken up to find grey skies, rain-soaked pavements, and Ju Ju growling for food despite having just been given her breakfast. Inspired by majea, I think we need more "how are you?" haikus. So, tell me about your day in haiku form! The syllable rate is 5, 7, 5. As for me...

Grey skies are growling
Ju Ju climbs on the table
When will summer come?

What about you?
fat pony like thunder

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Haiku conversations really are cheering! cangetmad and I have now discussed weather and unsavoury old expressions and the rules of haiku, all in haiku form. Other haiku exchanges have dealt with bad cats, travelling girlfriends, and Doctor Who. Keep 'em coming, please.
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