June 11th, 2006

fat pony like thunder

it's a jolly holiday

Yesterday began with clouds and rain - at last, we thought sadly, the good weather is over. Now for eleven months of rain. But no! Because it turned out that this was just a shower, like they have in normal countries! The rain stopped, the sun came out, and the day was lovely and warm as Patsington and I headed in to town so he could spend the vast amount of book tokens he got for his birthday. He lavished some tokens on me, which which I got Azadeh Moaveni's Lipstick Jihad, a memoir by an Iranian-American woman born just before the Revolution who grew up in California and went to Iran as a journalist in her early '20s. I've only read the first 50 or so pages, but it's excellent so far.

After our spree Patsington and I had some food and some bevvies with an old chum before waddling home full of tapas to loll about the sitting room reading our new books and listening to Steeleye Span. Rather idyllic, really (if you like mad late '60s English folk rock), as was today - we dropped a lot of plastics and bottles at the recycling centre and felt very virtuous before heading off to the seaside. Oh, the delightfulness of living in Dublin and never being further than a few miles from the sea! The weather is defying all forcasts and is still absolutely gorgeous, so we staggered over the sand dunes at Brittas Bay and strolled along the warm sand. Now we are home, tired and happy and slightly sun burned. It'll probably lash rain tomorrow but right now, it feels like a real summer....