June 13th, 2006

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I really want to do something to raise money for this campaign to provide sanitary protection for women in Zimbabwe - it's the sort of issue that makes a huge deal to women's daily lives but doesn't seem big enough to appear on the big charity radar. I've been wittering on about doing a new club night for ages and now I think I'd like to do a fundraising night for this cause. Anyone want to help out?
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charlie is my darling

So, Charlie Haughey is dead, and now we can wait for the tributes to roll in. He was my TD for most of my life, and so my family are some of the many constituents whose needs were being ignored when he was poncing about on his island or with his race horses. He was a venal, corrupt man, and I am dreading hearing his old muckers go on about how great he was, as they undoubtedly will.

He did, however, award me first prize in the Gracepark Bonny Baby Competition in 1976. Respect to Charlie!