November 13th, 2006

bunny huh

jumper trouble

So I am knitting this jumper - well, sort of. I bought the book at the Knitting and Stitching show because I was bewitched by one of the cardigans in it, except when I got home I remembered that I actually have about a million cardigans and had in fact been intending to get a pattern for a jumper. And the jumper linked to above was the only one in the book I could knit with the lovely cashermino yarn I had purchased. Anyway, I am making it much shorter (and in a plain dark blue wool), and I am also adding some ribbing along the sides so it's closer fitting. And I'm not giving it a polo neck, because polo necks really do not suit me. But it's all coming along well. Except! I have almost reached the armholes at the back, and the pattern says something that has confused me: "dec one st at end of next and 3 foll 4th rows". What does the 4th bit mean? Does it mean that over the course of 12 rows I decrease a stich at the end of every 4th row? But surely that would be a bit uneven? Also, I am so ignorant of jumper knitting that I also need confirmation that when they say row, they mean the purl rows as well as the knit (this is in stocking stitch). Help me, people who are more used to knitting jumpers than I!