February 19th, 2007

fat pony like thunder


So, I have some news....

...and it is, as some of you reading this already know, that Patsington and I are getting married. We came to this decision last Wednesday (oh the cliché!) over dinner, and then went home and drank champagne and beamed at each other for a while, and rang my parents, except my mum was at choir practice and I wanted to tell them both together, so we rang Patsington's parents, and they seemed very happy, and we tried my parents again but my mum wasn't back, and we were totally knackered thanks to all the excitement (and the champagne) but we couldn't go to bed until I'd told my aged p's, so I actually went on LJ and replied to some e-mails, feeling like I was concealing a vast secret. But eventually my mother returned home from her musical revels, and my parents were told, and got all teary (with happiness, not anguish) and P and I went to bed in a sort of daze. Suffice it to say that we are very, very happy, and it just seems, well, right.