April 24th, 2007


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We're going to press this week, a week earlier in the schedule than usual, and the rushed production month has put everyone under a lot of pressure. Basically this means that while once I get out of the office I feel okay, I have spent the last working week in a state of almost constant and intense rage and irritation. Everything, and I mean literally everything, at work is pissing me off. I am listening to the blandness of Classic FM online in an effort to drown out the constant noise of the office - lots of people are away from their desks, but their phones keep ringing, and I am currently one unanswered ringing phone away from ripping said phone out of the wall and throwing it out the window. It is driving me totally fucking insane. As are the myriad people who were meant to get photos and various text responses into me TWO FREAKING WEEKS AGO and have yet to do so. I am not allowing myself to buy cigarettes because if I did I'd be outside chainsmoking right now. Oh god, I want to go home.