May 15th, 2007


paypal want you to be irresponsible with money

I frequently purchase things from independent US companies via Paypal, and also use it to buy stuff on eBay, but recently I realised that, after several years of using Paypal, I was reaching the end of the total amount of money I could send without getting my account "verified". However, when I attempted to verify my account, I discovered that as an Irish resident, the only way I could do so was to list ANOTHER credit card - in other words, I would prove that I was financially reliable by showing that I was in multiple debt. Which I'm not. Anyway, I rang Paypal and spoke to a very nice woman who seemed to realise how mad it was but said she couldn't verify me (she could, however, raise my sending limits anyway so I can continue to buy stuff via Paypal). Apparently, however, I can no longer receive any money at all - I just tried to sell some books on eBay and was told I can no longer receive Paypal payments because of my unverified status. But the only way I can get verified and show how safe I am with money is to have multiple credit cards. If anyone can explain the logic of this, please do. I'm just pissed off that apparently I can never sell anything on eBay again, and have written a suitably angry letter to their customer service department to let them know.