July 2nd, 2007

hello doctor

sweet valley diaries

Someday, I thought to myself, I'll write recaps for all the Sweet Valley books, not just the particularly demented ones (although I have actually never written about what might be the maddest of them all, in which a deranged plastic surgeon lures the Wakefields to her luxury health resort as part of her evil plan to STEAL ALICE WAKEFIELD'S FACE. Oh yeah, and the resort is staffed by impossibly good looking teens, who are former homeless kids on whom the evil surgeon has practiced her cosmetic arts. I can't remember the title of this work of genius, which is lurking somewhere in my house, but suffice to say it is TOTALLY AWESOME). Ahem. Anyway, it looks like I don't have to write recaps of all the other books because someone is doing it already! And very entertainingly too.
hurrah for the master

bye bye, tortured mythological references!

JACOB IS GONE! Or at least his recaps are. Looks like someone at TWoP actually realised how teeth-grindingly, embarrassingly awful they were. Bwahaha!

By the way, at some stage I'm sure I'll post about something other than Doctor Who and Sweet Valley. Alas, I am back at work tomorrow after five glorious free days (oh, and I actually did finally buy jeans today, really nice Diesel ones, and have already left them in to be taken up - don't worry, I allowed room for in-wash-shrinkage), so will probably be too knackered and depressed to post anything at all for a few days. Bah.