August 11th, 2008

fat pony like thunder

the rise of civilisation

glitzfrau and biascut are all civilised! And it was an absolutely gorgeous day - a ceremony so sweet that everyone got a bit sniffly, both ladies looking ridiculously fabulous, lots of brilliant people and hilarious babies and It was great to see jinxremoving and yiskah and class_worrier again, to say nothing of cangetmad and her entire delightful familia. Tiny Gnipper and I went for a promenade around the garden after the ceremony (he is very good at walking now), a walk on which I looked like a Bad Baby-Minder as I had an (UNLIT! UNLIT!) fag and a class of champagne in one hand and a wee baby's hand in the other. So yes, it was brilliant, and York is really lovely, especially the amazing Minster (although I went a bit mad in the Cath Kidston shop, which, as biascut said, really does look a bit like the inside of my head). There was a lot of eating and laughing and lovely people (I finally got to meet famed internet celebrity the Heretikal One, which was great) and drinking wine and eating delicious food - in other words, it was pretty much a perfect weekend. Hurrah for the civilised ladies and all their chums!

Also, yesterday I fulfilled a life-long - well, since my teens, so a sort of half-life-long - dream and went to Haworth to the Brontës' house. Unlike most fulfilled dreams, it wasn't disappointing at all. It was really moving being in their house, seeing the table where Emily made bread while teaching herself German from a book propped up on the utensils, and I'm very glad I went. Afterwards we ate pies and drank pints in the Black Bull, where Branwell fostered his chronic alcoholism (a fact they are strangely proud to advertise), and then went for a walk on the actual moors, which are, well, wuthering and very wild and strange and beautiful. I wish we could have stayed longer. But it was a good ending to a really great weekend.