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Grrrrrr! This is what happens when you come back a week after Gilmore Girls airs. It's taking for-fucking-ever to download last week's episode, and at the moment it says it won't be finished until tomorrow. This week's one downloaded, even with relative slow speed, in about seven hours. Gah!

Also, I just watched a couple of seconds of this week's one (I couldn't help it, and I stopped when I realised I was being seriously spoiled), and for some reason the sound is all crackly in the back ground - I skipped forward a bit (luckily didn't get spoiled for anything) and it seemed to go on throughout. Grrrrr. I want my GG perfect, damnit! Still, it's perfectly watchable and audible, so I shouldn't bitch too much.

Also, I found that contrary to my belief that they "couldn't check", I went way over my broadband service's crappy little download limit (I thought it was 8G - turns out that's just for the "home plus" package and I only have 4G)! For fuck's sake. I am now paranoid about opening any web page with pictures. Also, anyone know how much bandwith streamed audio uses?
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