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Oh my God, how much do I love Luke? A whole lot, that's how much. I cried when he told the horoscope story - not, like, proper crying, but there was a tear in my eye. Also, when he was flirting with Lorelai in the diner at the start was pretty damn hot. It all totally captured that shiny-flirty-brand-new-relationship-oh-my-God-I-can't-believe-this-is-happening feeling. Sigh. Oh, Luke. If you weren't a fictional character and I didn't have a boyfriend....

My only worry about this (fictional! fictional!) relationship is that Lorelai mightn't be as into it as Luke - remember when he said he was serious about the relationship and she didn't give him a straight answer? I was literally going "what's wrong with you?" at the screen. I hope she doesn't fuck it up...

Speaking of fuck-ups, what the hell is up with Rory? I couldn't believe that the first thing she asked Paris after hearing of Asher's death was if he died when they were getting it on. I mean, really. Oh, and Tristan 2: Electric Boogaloo is intensely, intensely irritating. I know he's meant to be, but still, he's almost too annoying to watch.

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