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hello there, ladies and gentlemen. are you ready to rock?

So, last night P and I went to see Metallica: Some Kind of Monster.

If you have ever, at some stage in your life, been in a band, you have to see this film. And even if you haven't, you have to see it anyway, because it's so damn entertaining. It's incredibly funny (Kirk Hamnett! And his ickle girly South Park-esque voice! He's brilliant. Especially the bit where James Hetfield is going on about how he feels like he's being ignored and no one ever listens to him, and Kirk Hamnett says in a quiet little voice, "that's what it's been like for me....for the last 15 years." And everyone just ignores him! Awwwww).

And, if you have ever doubted it before, it will convince you that Lars Ulrich is an enormous tool. The tantrums! The "creative input"! Oh, man. The look on poor old James Hetfield's face when Ulrich is going on about how Hetfield used to write the songs but now they're all having equal input and it's really great is just wonderful. And as for Dave Mustaine, the former guitarist who went off and formed Megadeath and still hasn't got over being shoved out of Metallica TWENTY YEARS LATER - okay, he's a huge whiney pathetic baby (he'd just be tragic if it weren't for the fact that his subsequent band were enormously successful so it's not like, oh, I lost my one chance at success and I'm a total failure). But when he said, to Ulrich, "I just miss Lars, my little Danish friend!" I went into a fit of near-hysterical laughter and couldn't stop giggling for about five minutes.

The funniest thing about it, though, is that as it goes on you start really rooting for the band. When they started getting everything together I found myself really hoping they'd pull it off. By the time they took to the stage at the end of the film - and the start of the tour - I was ready to start cheering myself. I suppose that must be the power of ROCK. Even ROCK that just totally reminds me of the Grove circa 1990.
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