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it's so hard to get the staff these days....

The Guardian looks at who does most of the housework in married couples. Surprise! It's women.

Their point might be made a bit more strongly, however, if two of the couples (one of whom is childless) didn't have a fucking cleaner. How the hell can they claim that any relationship where hired staff do some of the most unpleasant work is in any way representative of people in general? I speak as someone whose parents employed a child-minder/cleaner until I was 12, something which I blame for some of my teenage inability to do any housework whatsoever besides dishes.

Stupid fucking Guardian. You know, as a leftie liberal middle-class graduate with a *snerk* fancy media job, I really should be their target audience. And yet, they continue to insult me. Guardian, you are becoming the Jane of the newspaper world. And trust me, that isn't a good thing.
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