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I'm a little teapot, short and stout...

I bought the greatest teapot in the world on Friday.

No, wait, come back!

It's really brilliant! You can use it with tea bags or leaves, it's totally simple to clean, and it makes just the right amount of tea. Plus it's all cute and everything. It's sitting in front of me on a charming ceramic trivet, covered with a warm cosy.

Here it is. Note: I did not buy it in Amazon, I bought it in Roches, a very dull Dublin department store. I just went to Amazon to get a picture of it. Although check out the crazy tea fanatics who reviewed it! Especially the very first one. Man, you can tell he or she is not from a tea-guzzling nation. We who have been surrounded by tea since birth and view it as pratically the same as water would never be so finicky.
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